Falling in love is a weird thing

"We’re generally trained in the Hollywood school of truly madly deeply in 165 minutes, in the big gestures and flower bombs of the rom com and the dramatic spectacle. It doesn’t actually work that way. You fall in love with a person in pieces: with the way he gets a little notch between his eyebrows when he doesn’t understand something he’s reading, or how he looks at you when he thinks you’re sleeping. It’s an agglomeration of traits and moments compounded with trust and something more; it’s always different, it’s always the same. And yes, it happens to everybody. You’ll figure it out—one day you’re going to meet the person who’s strong where you’re weak and vice versa, and who makes you want to live up to all the vague aspirations you call being a better person."

Source: prepaganda.tumblr.com

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Posted on Monday, 26 November
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